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Farmhouse: Reimagining the Classic American Icon

Ingram IPS


The farmhouse is a classic American icon, combining comfort and simplicity, elegance and nostalgia, all without pretension. No matter the age or condition, these historic homesteads call to mind the pragmatism of the pioneers who worked the land and raised their families at a time when practicality was key to prosperity.

 But the farmhouse is more than a historic artifact. Farmhouse style continues to evolve into the 21st century, carrying with it the best of the past while adapting to our modern lifestyle. Whether built in 1720 or 2020, a farmhouse is instantly recognizable for its main rectangular form, gabled or lean-to additions, various outbuildings, and spartan architecture, among other hallmarks. While the farmhouse's use of natural materials and basic construction is indicative of its traditional, sensible nature, modern farmhouses might equally be built according to Passive House or other energy-efficient standards.

 Whether true to tradition or adapted for a modern lifestyle, the houses featured in Farmhouse are a testament to the flexibility, durability, longevity, and--above all else--the everlasting appeal of the American farmhouse.

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