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Venus Statue

Orbital Cultura


From the Galleria degli Uffizi: Reproduction inspired by the painting Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli made around 1485, probably commissioned by the Medici family. Handcrafted product made in Tuscany in white resin and marble dust. The original painting is kept in the Uffizi Gallery.

Completed in 1485, commissioned by the Medici family, it has become one of the symbols of pictorial art in Florence. Its realization is influenced by the Neoplatonic philosophy dear to Laurentian Florence. Venus, in the center of the work, is represented in the pose of Venus Pudica, while she tries to cover herself. 

According to some, the scene, with Zephyr and Aura on the left pushing the goddess with their breath, and one of the Hours on the right handing her a rich embroidered cloak, is inspired by one of the rooms of Agnolo Poliziano, a friend of Botticelli and more. protege of Lorenzo the Magnificent. Other opinions argue instead that the Venus is a portrait of Simonetta Vespucci, a Genoese noblewoman married to the Florentine Marco Vespucci, considered one of the most beautiful women of the time.

Materials: resin and marble

Dimensions: 16 cm H

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