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The Magical Clay Doll: A Legend Retold in English and Chinese

Independent Publishers Group


Once upon a time, there is a fisherman who lives alone with his son Qiqi. One day, strange things suddenly happen in the village where they live. The children in the village keep disappearing mysteriously. As a result, the children stay at home every day and never dare to go out and play. The fisherman must go out to work every day to make a living when Qiqi is left alone at home. He feels very lonely, so he makes many dolls from mud to keep him company. One day, the fisherman brings home a clay doll with the blessings from the Lord of Land. He gives it to Qiqi to keep him safe and happy. However, Qiqi accidentally breaks the clay doll. He becomes very anxious and tries to repair the clay doll. When he repaints the eyes for the clay doll, something magic happens. The clay doll turns into a little girl. It turns out that she is the little fairy who oversees the soil! On hearing the strange things in the village, the little fairy is determined to help Qiqi to bring back his friends. What will the little fairy do? Where have the children disappeared to? Has she finally helped the little boy find his friends? Read and find out!

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