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Growing Up Wright

River Place Media


The story of Don and Virginia Lovness, who built two Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes by hand. Wright called them his "Do-it-yourself couple", and they became close to Mrs. Wright and the entire Taliesin Fellowship over several decades. They were avid proponents of Wright's philosophies and became noted collectors of Oriental and pre-Columbian art.

Don re-created the Midway Garden "sprites", built Wright-designed furniture, and was instrumental in saving the Little house in Minnesota. Their close friendship with Wes Peters, John Howe, Aaron Green, Edgar Tafel and others provide wonderful stories, gleaned from interviews, Virginia's extensive notes and daughter Lonnie's family memories.

Lonnie tells the story in 288 pages with over 600 photos. A final chapter details the extensive restoration of both houses and construction of a third Wright design on the property in 2018.

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