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ReVision: A New Look at Art in the Americas

Minneapolis Institute of Art


ReVision: A New Look at Art in the Americas considers what makes the Americas the Americas. The Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire was a key factor in the Spanish colonization of the Americas. After the conquest, there was a struggle to preserve the region’s culture, heritage, and history as its people strived to rebuild upon what was left. At the same time, a new geographic and cultural identity was being forged that brought together aspects of Spanish culture along with the practices and traditions of the Africans and Native Americans who lived in the region.

ReVisión collects essays from scholars of Latin American art history to help others understand the region’s nuanced history of creation, destruction, and renewal. In addition to essays, ReVisión showcases work from artists such as Alexander Apóstol, Juan Enrique Bedoya, Johanna Calle, and Ronny Quevedo in order to help visualize the questions of identity, exploitation of natural resources, and displacement from both before and after the conquest. 

Victoria Lyall is Frederick and Jan Mayer Curator of Art of the Ancient Americas at the Denver Art Museum. Jorge F. Rivas Perez is Frederick and Jan Mayer Curator of Latin American Art at the Denver Art Museum.

Minneapolis Institute of Art exhibition (July 1 - September 17, 2023): ReVision: Art in the Americas.

Details: Hardcover, 176 pages, 9 x 11 in., 80+ color plates. Published by the Denver Art Museum in association with Hirmer Publishers.

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