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Classic Matcha Bundle



From Tezumi: Experience our two classic loose leaf matcha teas sourced from small, family-operated farms across Japan. We've carefully selected these teas to represent the scope and variety of Japanese tea, showcasing classic growing regions and styles.

Kanoyama: Smooth, nutty, and chocolatey, this Okumidori matcha from Wazuka, Kyoto gets its distinctive rich flavour from skillful growing and strong firing. Grown at an elevation of 310m with reduced pesticide usage. Kanoyama's smooth yet bold taste makes it stand out in lattes and perfect for a bowl of usucha. Though not as famous as its neighbouring town Uji, Wazuka is actually where a lot of Ujicha is grown and recently has become more well-known.

Umezuki: An energising Okumidori matcha from Uji, Umezuki is shaded in the traditional shelf-style for 30 days, giving it a bright and classic flavour ideal as usucha or for use in drinks and lattes. Uji has long been at the centre of Japanese tea and has been famed for its high-quality matcha production for centuries.

Our loose leaf sample set includes:
• 20g Kanoyama matcha
• 20g Umezuki matcha

Dimensions: 2 teas, 20g each

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