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Lion Incense Burner



The Lion incense burner set is made from solid brass and comes with a solid bronze incense stand and a solid brass incense keeper. The brass is uncolored and left in its original form so that the color will change and patina over time. The item is handcrafted by skilled Japanese artisans using traditional techniques handed down for over 400 years in Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture, Japan. All products are handmade, handcasted and handfinished with care resulting in unique variations in each piece. Each set also comes with 20 sticks of Mandarin orange incense from Shoyeido, a traditional incense manufacturer which has a 300 year history in Kyoto.

Made in Japan

Designer: Katsuji Nousaku

Dimensions: Lion: 1.25" H x 1" W x 0.5" D, Plate: 0.25" H x 5.5" W x 1.75" D, Incense keeper: 3.5" H x 0.75" Diameter

GW: 11.6oz

Materials: Bronze, Brass (copper 60%, zinc 40%)

Maintenance: Wipe off dirt with a soft cloth after use. Do not use metal cleaner or metallic sponge. Keep dry to avoid rusting.

Notice: This incense holder was designed for use with traditional Japanese incense sticks. Other incense sticks may not be fully supported.

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