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The Master Weavers

Minneapolis Institute of Art


The Master Weavers, Celebrating one Hundred Years of Navajo Textile Artists from the Toadlena/Two Grey Hills Region, is the culmination of over twenty years of research. Gathered from museums, public archives, and private families in the history of the spectacularly scenic region, the local traders, and the notable weaving families. It is intertwined with information acquired during thousands of interviews with the region's weavers.

The book illustrates the lineage of the local weaving traditions that has passed from grandmothers to mothers, and mothers to daughters (and sometimes sons), that continues to this day. Genealogy charts depict the weaving families and clans, historic and contemporary photographs personalize the textiles, and the many exquisite color plates, and detailed diagrams offer a wealth of information not seen elsewhere on the subject of Navajo weaving. Several generations of many of the families' rugs are shown along with multiple decades of a single weaver's work when possible. The Master Weavers presents great insight into the culture and people who, through their weaving tradition, have achieved one of the highest artistic and technical standards possible. Honoring the weavers of yesteryear and the present, The Master Weavers, serves as a "who's who" of Toadllena/Two Grey Hills weavers and their families.

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