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Almond Biscotti Tube - 7 oz



From BORGO de' MEDICI: Crisp Almond Biscotti (Italian Biscotti with Almonds) are typical Italian
cookies that were born in Tuscany during the ‘600 century. The proper name of these almond biscotti is “Cantucci” and their first citation in an official document is from 1691, when they were defined “sliced cookies made with flour, sugar and eggs”. Almonds were added in the recipe used for Caterina de’ Medici, and were definitely used since XIX century. Today these biscotti can be found all around the world, being one of the most popular Italian sweets. 

They’re called Biscotti, due to the meaning of this word which is: twice (bis) – baked (cotti): the first time the whole loaf the second time they’re baked sliced.

Dimensions: 7.0 oz

Details: Made in Italy

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, sugar, almonds, eggs, egg yolk, honey, butter (milk), partially skimmed milk, raising agent, ammonium bicarbonate, salt, artificial flavors. Contains wheat, almond, egg, milk. May contain soy, hazelnut, coconut. 

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