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Apsaalooke Women and Warriors

University of Chicago Press


The Apsaalooke people, often referred to as the Crow, are known for their bravery and artistry, and their rich culture has developed over centuries in the Northern Plains. The Apsaalooke Women and Warriors project is a multi-format undertaking that presents a rich narrative of the Apsaalooke cultural past, figures the present-day Apsaalooke identity, and presents a vision for the future. Through writing, images, and sound, contemporary Apsaalooke artists and intellectuals convey the worldview of the Aps¡alooke people, with each contributor offering a unique perspective.

This book accompanies a multi-site exhibition at the Field Museum and the Neubauer Collegium. It combines images of contemporary and historic Apsaalooke cultural items and includes essays by Apsaalooke writers. While it works in concert with the exhibition, it also stands alone as a significant exploration of the iconography, lifeways, and cosmologies of the Apsaalooke people.

All proceeds from this book will benefit Little Big Horn College in Crow Agency, Montana.

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