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Beirut: the Eras of Design



A city at the crossroads of East and West, said to have been destroyed and rebuilt seven times since antiquity, Beirut continues to nourish the imagination of many creative artists. The vibrancy of Lebanese design stands out as exceptional in the region and should be understood via the country’s long-standing cultural relations with Europe (especially France)―but also with the Emirates and their ancient craft traditions.

This publication analyzes Lebanese design’s unique convergence of economic and architectural reconstruction, social awareness and international development. It also testifies to the designers’ determination to take ownership of their destiny and image by presenting objects and forms that are simultaneously aware of their diverse heritage and are deeply rooted in a complex reality. Prior to this publication project, no extensive research had been undertaken on the history of design in Lebanon; this book aims to fill that gap.

Designers include: Sami El Khazen, Pierre El-Khoury, Michel Harmouche, Khalil Khoury, Maison Tarazi, Jack Matossian, Piccaluga brothers, Jean Royere, Serge Sassouni, Rana Haddad and Pascal Hachem, Marc Baroud, Carla Baz, Karen Chekerdjian, Nada Debs, Marc Dibeh, Carlo Massoud, Georges Mohasseb, Wyssem Nochi, Anastasia Nysten, Sayar & Garibeh, SPOCKDESIGN, Thomas TRAD, Richard Yasmine, MINJARA Project, % Architecture, Architecture & Mecanismes, Samer Alameen, Ahmad Bazazo, Sahar Bizri, Borgi | Bastormagi, MAD Architecture, Elie Metni, Atelier M+A Georges Mohasseb and Kareen Asli.

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