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Campfire S'Mores Dark Chocolate Bar

Compartes Chocolate


From Compartes: Compartés Campfire S'mores dark chocolate bar is s'mores taken up a notch. We make marshmallows and blend them into our rich signature dark chocolate with bits of graham crackers for a familiar, yet distinctive, flavor sensation. What can be better than chocolate s'mores in chocolate bar form?

We have been making gourmet chocolates by hand since 1950, and use only the freshest and best ingredients. Combining flavors from around the world, and seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmer’s markets, Compartes chocolates contain only the finest, best-tasting ingredients blended with premium dark, milk and white chocolates. Compartes uses no conveyor belts, chocolate waterfalls or high-tech machinery; all of our chocolates are meticulously handcrafted in small batches by our team of chocolatiers on a daily basis in Los Angeles with delicious ingredients and a whole lot of love.

Dimensions: 3 oz; 85g

Details: Made in United States

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