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Hand Sewing Thread Box



From BUAISOU: Daruma threads were first made in 1901 and continues to be loved to this day. The founder Mr. Chozaemon Yokota’s Kimono “silk threads”, which are 100% cotton, have a silky luster, smooth strings, and is stronger than anything else. Kit includes: 100m × 2 cards with swatch of cloth, also dyed with indigo and 4-9 guage needles.

Materials: 100% cotton

Dimensions: 11.8 W × 2 H × 9.2 cm D

Details: Indigo dyed for BUAISOU in Tokushima, Japan

Care: We recommend that you gently hand wash items with detergent and lukewarm water the first 2-3 times after purchase. Because the products are handmade, each item’s colors and patterns are unique.  The dye may react to ultraviolet rays such as sunlight and discoloration may occur.

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