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Indigo Bead Bracelet



From BUAISOU: The sacred tree known as Yakushima Cedar (Yakusugi) has a life force synonymous with "longevity". We say “Yaku ga sugiru” which means “mischief will pass you by”.

After dyeing, without being completely coated in chemicals, it is finished with a layer of oil to preserve the wood. As it is used over time the tree rings in the wood will become more visible, slowly turning into a beautiful indigo wood pattern.

Materials: Yakushima Cedar with elasticated rubber (thread)

Dimensions: large (Φ10mm×19 pieces); medium (Φ10mm×17 pieces); small (Φ10mm×15 pieces)

Box Dimensions: 8 W× 5.4 H × 2.2 cm D

Details: Indigo dyed for BUAISOU in Tokushima, Japan

Care: Friction may result in loss of color. Depending on the characteristics of the wood, warping or cracking may occur. Sun damage may result from UV ray exposure.

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