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Jotblock Travel Postcard Watercolor Set

Three By Three


Post your adventures old-school style with our watercolor travel postcard sets. These portable studios include everything needed to create a mini masterpiece or sketch out a memory to send to friends and loved ones. A metal snap closure wraps around a trifold charcoal felt pouch to contain contents securely; toss into your backpack and spread out on a mountaintop or lakeside, or while sipping rosé at a Parisian café... wherever inspiration strikes! Designed by Gwen Weinberg.

This set includes 12 blank postcards printed with postcard markings on back and textured paper, best for watercolors. The watercolor set includes 2 brushes, 8 paint colors, palette, pencil, ballpoint pen. Featuring separate pockets for finished postcards and stamps. 

Dimensions: 6.75" L x 4.75" W x 1.5" H

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