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Kamawanu Collection: 100 Writing & Crafting Papers

Ingram IPS


Kamawanu, a Japanese company founded in 1987, manufactures and sells tenugui Japanese cotton cloths. They are committed to traditional Japanese dyeing techniques and have over 500 tenugui with unique patterns in their product line ranging from traditional to modern. Tenugui is an essential item in Japan, where Japanese people have been using in daily life for a long time. Not only are they practical, but they also come in a variety of seasonal designs. People enjoy selecting the design that match the season, making tenugui something beautiful to enjoy every day, as well as a popular tourist souvenir. This book collects 100 design patterns from the Kamawanu collection, each accompanied by an explanation of the design.

Each page is removable for use in various ways: writing a letter, using it as crafting paper, origami paper, and more. Enjoy Kamawanu’s design brimming with a playful spirit which makes your everyday happy.

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