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Kitan Club Cat Peek Planter Blind Box

Clever Idiots


Cuddly collectible toys: This is a unique blind box series that’s sure to "grow" on you! Featuring 4 different breeds of cats each hidden underneath a succulent plant, within a planter pot. Twist the plate of the pot and you have their heads poking out to greet you! They're playing 'peekaboo' with you! This perfectly detailed figurine series has a total of 4 variations with different types of plants and pots - The perfect addition to your desk, bookshelf, or any location you'd like to give a little more character!

Surprise blind box: when you purchase one of our blind mystery boxes, you receive one of our four designs. Adding fun surprise to every order, it is the perfect novelty gift for the cat lover in your life.

Dimensions: 2.5”~ 3.9”

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