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Playing Cards X David Shrigley

Third Drawer Down


From Third Drawer Down: A true test in skill and chance, and individually illustrated by David Shrigley, these cards are a revolt against modern deck formats with only black suits in the entire pack. Every spade, heart, diamond and club  matches the colour of Shrigley's sense of humor. As labelled on the box, this set of cards is 'NOT FOR IDIOTS'. 54 playing cards with unique illustrations.

About the Artist: David Shrigley lives and works as an artist in Brighton, UK. Purposefully clumsy, with the mistakes and crossings-out often left in, Shrigley's drawings have developed their own trademark humor. In his words: "My criteria for making any artwork is that it is not sh*t."

Dimensions: 7cm x 9cm (2.7" x 3.9")

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