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The Urban Vegetable Patch: A Modern Guide to Growing Sustainably, Whatever Your Space



Don't know where to begin when it comes to growing vegetables and want to live more sustainably? Then this is the modern-day gardening book for you.

The Urban Vegetable Patch is a practical and eco-friendly guide to growing green, no matter your space. Starting with the basic knowledge on how to set your vegetable patch up and what to grow – be it on a windowsill, a rented flat share balcony in a high-rise building or even an allotment – you will learn how to make the most of your space, whatever the size. Not only will you learn how to grow and cook your own vegetables, but you'll also discover how to live a happier and more sustainable life, to not only nourish yourself but the planet as well.

From how to grow a variety of vegetables organically – be it from seed or even food scraps – to making your own fertilizer from waste, to practical tips on how to eat, store, share and donate your haul, reduce your use of plastics and water, and even how to deal with pests humanely and planting for wildlife, this book will teach and inspire you to grow your way to a more sustainable and green way of living, so dig in.

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