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In My Home, English-KOREAN

Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books


From Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books: So much of early vocabulary is centered around the home.  This book explores all the different rooms - providing kids with vocabulary for common objects in the kitchen, family room, bedroom, laundry room, and more! This book title can be enjoyed with or without the Habbi Habbi reading wand.

Every inch of the book is tappable with the Habbi Habbi reading wand: use it in conjunction to hear essential vocabulary that add to learning and fun musical tunes. Our Reading Wand brings language learning to any home in a fun, interactive, and accessible way - *without* a screen. Just turn on and tap any Habbi Habbi book! Every inch is tappable - from the text to the image, even the white space and cover. Kids love the instant feedback; they hear words, phrases, sound effects, and musical tunes! You only need ONE Reading Wand to access ANY Habbi Habbi book - any language, any current or future title! 

Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 1"

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