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The Great Indian Thali: Seasonal Vegetarian Wholesomeness

National Book Network


Bringing you vegetarian wholesomeness and stories from India, Thali is an immersive tour into India’s culinary landscape. As one of the largest consumers of a vegetarian diet in the world today, many Indian communities in the plains and the peninsula have depended on the huge variety of healthy local produce rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and cereal due to suitable climatic conditions over generations. There’s a diversity of food available for every occasion, season, festival, age, region and even the day of the week – you name it. Exquisitely designed, with 70 easy-to-make quintessentially Indian recipes, Thali will make your mouth water and jaw drop with histories of India’s places and people telling you who they are and why they eat what they eat. Doctor, nutrition expert, wellbeing advocate and columnist, Nandita Iyer is the author of three bestselling books. She has been writing on nutrition, health and food for over 15 years. Since 2006, her popular blog, Saffron Trail, has been a major resource for healthy food and vegetarian recipes.

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