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Cake Stand

Ikai Asai


From Ikai Asai: Inspired by the mesmerising pietra dura work done during the Mughal era, Parchin Kari, also known as Pacchikari, is a method of inlaying coloured marbles/semi-precious gems into a stone base in geometric or delicate floral patterns. Our Pachhikari artists from Agra are said to be descendants of the master craftsmen who built the wondrous Taj Mahal. Having inherited a keen eye for detail, our artists painstakingly shape stone slivers into minute petals, leaves, and stems using a manually operated emery wheel; often, a single flower is composed of at least forty pieces of stones and takes a whole week to create. Moreover, our inlay work is so fine that to the one holding a finished piece, it feels like the marble birthed the inlaid patterns by itself -- a miracle of modern art.

Made in: Rajasthan

Material: Marble

Dimensions (cm): Length: 29.1, Breadth: 29.1, Height: 12.8

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