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Kawaii Birdies: Learn to Draw 80 Adorable Feathered Friends

Hachette- Quarto


Welcome back to the world of kawaii, with this new drawing class of Kawaii Birdies! These birdies are so cute they can fit right in your palm. From their chubby bodies to the anatomy of their wings to the beautiful colors of their plumage, there is so much to learn and love about our fair-feathered friends. Thanks to Jen Budrock, advocate and all-out bird nerd, this guide will teach you how to create little birds with big personalities on the page, and even give you some tips on how to go about bringing a real companion bird home.

In a two-spread Bird Order Directory, learn the order in which each specie included in the book belongs in. With a wide variety of birds spanning the old world and the new world, as well as domestic and wild species, this is just the surface of the expansive world of birds. In true Birdhism style, this drawing class comes with a no holds barred on fun, as you'll discover in the chapters Birdie Activities, Birdie Shenanigans, and Birdie Dress-Up.

Find fun and helpful tips for creating your own birds with this easy-to-follow drawing class that beginners will love and experts can expand their resumes with. Even after you've done all the tutorials, the back of the book is loaded with unique Inspiration and Coloring pages so that you can continue creating kawaii birdies wherever you are. More than your standard how-to drawing guide, Kawaii Birdies is guaranteed to turn you into a certified bird lover. Grab your favorite art utensil, and explore the world of birds in this art class today!

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